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Writer's Block: Tobacco road  
01:49pm 14/05/2011
Honestly, next it will be outlawed to drive our vehicles because of the exhaust. I don't think such a law should ever pass, but maybe a HUGE fine for cigarette butts left everywhere?
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High School Repeated Vampire Style  
06:59pm 08/11/2010
Sssssoooooo I've been thinking. (oh dear) Being a librarian and Twilight running rampant much like the Harry Potter's used to, I had a rather random thought.

If I was part of a vampire clan and had to return to highschool consistently, after 30 or so odd times, would I finally become accomplished in the subject area of math? :-) At least eventually?
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Writer's Block: One door closes, another one opens  
01:09pm 22/10/2010
Walmart chekcout lines...all the time.
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People/Patrons Evil Beings Really  
04:01pm 19/10/2010
It seems that all I do these days is apologize to people for things they have done.

Apologize to them for the items they have stolen
Apologize to them for the fines they have racked up
Apologize to them for their atrocious behavior

WTF People! GROW UP AND STOP BEING SUCH WEAK PATHETIC BABIES AND OWN UP TO YOUR OWN DOINGS! No wonder why individuals finally snap and start shooting.
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Writer's Block: MAKE IT STOP!  
07:14am 19/10/2010
Hehehehe. As a childrens librarian I am always humming my storytime songs which are all wonderfully adictive. So everyone, "put you finger on your nose..." :-)
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HCG Day 5  
08:24pm 09/09/2010
OOooooohhhhh, so we are here at day five.

The good news: My dizzyness has passed, my energy levels have much to be desired but(they have always been that way)...I am more awake and aware in the mornings. Dare I say it, chipper. And, unless I am being thoroughly bombarded by the stuff, my sugar and chocolate cravings have plummeted to almost nil. There is little to no appetite and my cycle has been a total of 3 days instead of 5-7. :-) And it is soooo muc easier to pack lunch when you already know what the menu is and have somewhat planned ahead.

Bad new: I have been fairly regularly cheating throughout the diet. Not big cheats, a piece of this and a mouthful of that at separate times. It hasn't been much but I have lost a little weight. I blame it on the hormones mostly.

Overall weight loss: 3.5 lbs.

I know my week is not yet fully up and others have lost more than 10lbs in a week. But my weight loss goal is smaller and I am already at a good weight I suppose. I am just trying to get those last 10 lbs that keep alluding me. Just 6 or so more to go or if I'm really wanting to get into it, another 15. :S
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HCG Day 4  
09:41pm 07/09/2010
I am on day four and desperate for a bag of chocolate. Its killing me. Okay,not really but it should sooo be made part of the diet.

Today showed a significant weight loss of 3 pounds. This is even with the period and taking excedrin headache for pain and well headaches. I also added 3.5 oz of carrots today. I know they aren't in the food lists but there is only so much broccoli and spinach I can muster. And they don't seem to be doing any harm.

The Good: 3 pound weight loss even drinking Zevia soda.
The Bad: I was slightly dizzy this afternoon. Kind of like being car sick without the upset stomach.

The Decision: Drink more tea and hopefully get more nutrients to make it go away?

Cheater Alert: I had two milano chocolate and strawberry cookies. About 60 calories each. But they were sure tasty! :-)
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HCG Day 3  
12:52pm 06/09/2010
There has been no significant sign of weight loss but this can be contributed to the fact that I started my period today, about a week early and it takes a good three days for the HCG to start working on your system. I believe that the hormones in the HCG may be the reason.

The Good: However, I am not experiencing my debilitating cramps (curl up on the floor and cry until someone gives you a pain killer)that I usually have. Instead, it is a more mild pain compared to what I am used to. Also, my sugar cravings have lessened. I also do not feel bloated nor have I gained any of the menstrual weight that I often do.

The Bad:In Pounds and Inches, it is advised that you stop taking the injections/oral drops during this period of time and resume after the cycle is complete. However, you must still remain on the diet.

The Decision: I have decided that I am going to keep taking the drops through the cycle as I do not want to have to wait for them to start working again another three days after the end of it. However, I may not experience any weight loss at this time because of it. But I only need to lose a small amount of weight, so it should be fine.

I also have a fun link if anyone is interested in this and adding other foods to the whole calorie count if they are not going to go bible strict on the original Pound and Inches food list. It is really handy and can be found here...http://www.davidwallace.com/2008/10/hcg-diet-calorie-counter/

Why does the cranky picture look more angry than not?
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Writer's Block: Power of expression  
12:19pm 06/09/2010
You don't have to agree with another persons views or opinions, but we should should keep an open mind to learn about people. Hatred, prejudice, and bigotry should stay at home.
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HCG Diet Day 2  
10:57pm 05/09/2010

I am on day 2 of the HCG diet and am feeling unsatisfied and hungry. The sugar cravings have kicked in. This may be in part to the fact that I did not do a full 2-3 days of fat calorie loading and/or what I have done was not efficient. I have heard that this can be a cause and in about 5 days things should be a bit better.

Cheating Alert: Unfortunately, there was a bag of chocolate caramels and I had 4 pieces...

I am also looking at a soda to help with the cravings and emptiness. Zevia. We'll see :-)
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